Wednesday, January 26, 2011

catfish movie review

Movie review of catfish
Alexander Mitchell
Hour 2 English
January 24th, 2011

The movie catfish is strange drama.  The movie will leave you with Many questions.  It is a very good movie about a true story and since it is a documentary the real characters play themselves, or they are filming the movie as it happens so it is a very interesting movie. This is the best drama of the year, and it will keep you on your heals.  I think that in many ways it is the most elusive movie I have ever seen as well.  If you are into dramas and movies that keep you guessing then this is a movie you must see.
            The movie catfish was made in 2007 and was filmed as a documentary by the main characters brothers Ariel Schulman and Nev Schulman. The movie is mostly revolving around an 8 year old girl named abbey. Abby is young girl in upper Michigan and is a famous painter. One of her paintings goes for seven thousand dollars. The movie is very perceiving and is very well hidden from the truth of what actually happens.
            The main characters in the movie are Nev, Megan, Abby, Arial, Angela and the camera crew. The character that brings the most of the movie to life is Megan. In the movie Nev is super interested in Megan and wants to have a relationship with her. Arial is Nev’s brother and the director of the movie. Angela is Abby and Megan’s mother. Abby is the key part to the movie and if there was not an amazing artist like her then there would not be a movie called catfish.
            I feel like a key turning point in the movie was when Nev finally found out that Megan was not who she said she was and she was actually not an artist or a dancer. Megan actually was not a person at all but in fact she was the mother of Abby, how messed up is that? Angela was texting and emailing Nev the whole time posing as her make believe 19 year old daughter. Angela was the one who was painting the pictures and selling them to make it seem like her 8 year old Abby was painting them.
             All in all if you are interested in a movie that will keep you guessing and keep the real truth from you, then this is a must see movie of the year if it falls into your category of movie. This is a good movie for people who live on their computer. Anything can happen to you and the chance increase of this happening to you if you are a person like Nev. If you get involved with the internet and the people on it, you might just have a not so pleasant run in with people. Also since people are not face to face they might lie and not tell the truth. So this is a very educational movie.

Friday, January 21, 2011

the end of catfish

the ending is so crazy. the lady is so weird and, she dose not have much to look forward to. angela might possibly be a scitsofrenic and she has more than 1 personality.this was a good movie and is very true about facebook. you could be talking to someone on facebook or anywhere online and the person could be totaly random and not an honest person. im not going to add random people on facebook, i never have and now never will.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the movie cat fish

the begining of the movie is very good, this is a good story. i find it ineristing that the main chericter in the movie lives in new york and the girl he likes lives in michagan and she liked him too. the story line is kind of shaddy though because the older sister coppies songs on the internet and said she sung the songs for him.

Friday, December 17, 2010

technology paper

Alex Mitchell
Hour 2
December 15, 2010

Technology position paper

The technology has taken a huge impact on our generation. Growing up around all the cell phones and internet has really had a big impact on our lives. What I mean is that we are becoming so advanced as a society to the point that we have things that we don’t even need. Like text messaging and internet on the cell phones and face book excreta.
In my opinion the internet is not evil but it is tied into cell phones and in my opinion it makes people materialistic and what I mean by that is people are so into technology. So many people are buying the newest phones and I pods, in my opinion let people spend their money on what they want. It is just so crazy that people spend so much time on phones and on the internet.
For example, the I phone. It is one of the most advanced pieces of hand held technology on the market today, and people are trying to make cell phones more and more advanced. My question is why? Why do we need so put so much time into cell phones when all you need is something to call a person. I seriously feel like I would not use a cell phone for Facebook and all the other uses that they have.
For example yesterday at Rachel’s challenge, I was behind a girl in the bleachers and she was on face book on her phone. I mean it’s just so ridiculous that people block out things that are going on, all for their own interests. I am not shocked by this though; our generation is not as respectful as our elders.
I mean there is so much going on and all to the point that everybody has thoughts going through their heads and don’t want to pay attention to things that don’t have to do with them but its super rude. I mean they might as well have kids stay in class if they are not going to go to an assembly about a school shooting and pay attention.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


blogging is somthing that i will not use in the feauture, i have no reason to blog. i am an outdoors person, i check my e mail, facebook, work scedual, and bank account. in my opinion its all personal prefference and if you need attention then go out in public and meet people instead of writing about how bad your day was or who you dont like, my point dont hide behind a computer screen, your words can be heard over the internet but when you are in person then it is more recogniseable.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i am happy :D

Today is a good day, the weather is nice and the sun is out. Today is thursday november the 18th and wrestling starts in november 22nd, I am excited to compete in the eastview duals. today is going to be a good day, I can feel it.